Bruce’s Picks – From the Library of Bruce Grantier

These pictures are a small part of my library of books that I have read doing InvestorLit reviews or book reviews (Financial Analysts Journal or the Journal of Investment Management).

In the process of writing these, I have been very privileged to have met a great number of authors, most of whom have thanked me for my reviews.

These authors include: Peter Bernstein, John Bogle, Richard Bookstaber, Charles Brandes, Edward Chancellor, John Coates, Charles Ellis, David Foot, Niall Ferguson, Al Gore, Bruce Greenwald, Campbell Harvey, John Hull, Roger Ibbotson, Simon Lack, Jim Leech, Marty Leibowitz, Michael Lewis, Bob Litterman, Jacques Lussier, Michael Mauboussin, James Montier, Ludovic Phalippou, Kenneth Rogoff, William Sharpe, and Randall Wray.

Most of the book reviews in the FAJ and JOIM are available online, and as mentioned elsewhere on this website, interested potential subscribers are entitled to one free full InvestorLit Review of their choice.

Bruce's Picks - From The Library of Bruce Grantier